La China Loca is the mid-seventies love child of Brooklyn natives. Nurtured by the warm glow of television, she found herself immersed in film noir, classic western, kung fu and old mobster cinema. These early experiences became aesthetic inspirations. La China bought her first felt hat when she was a student studying fashion in NYC. It was an electric blue bowler that excited her senses and sparked her fascination. After over a decade, she has returned to feverishly bringing her visions into elegant reality.

The name La China Loca represents the mixed heritage of founder, Brooklyn native Anastasia Andino. Launched in 2007, the work has been featured in NBC's 30 Rock, Tyler Perry TV sitcoms and a video by singer Drake as well as the personal style choices of musicians Grace Jones, Lady Miss Kier and Madonna. All work is produced locally in the Brooklyn studio of La China Loca and NYC factories .

With faith in the universe, applying the practice of letting go, being present, insistence on the freedom to create and determination to restore the hat and headpiece to its rightful place in the fashion industry, La China Loca can be found on her bicycle, in her yoga practice, and passionately diving deeper into the art of stylish millinery and hatting.

Hatting by La China Loca is dedicated to feeding the desire of all to reawaken their creative expression and to pay homage to their inner gentleman, dame, dandy, vixen, romanticized badboy/badgirl,pharoah or timeless queen with the wear of a hat.

"I enjoy the trans-formative nature of a hat and the ability of a hat to elevate the mood of the wearer as well as the admirer" Anon


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